Make New Connections with Ketamine Assisted Therapy

People experiencing anxiety, burnout and depression have become far too common. Persistent mental and emotional health conditions are significantly impactful – creating obstacles to personal growth, joyful relationships, and life satisfaction.

Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAT) transforms the way we view mental health. Through the creation of new neural connections and perspective shifts, we move beyond symptom masking toward true, lasting healing.

Mental Health affects everyone – and unaddressed trauma
is at the root of our mental health crisis.

70% of Canadian adults have experienced some form of trauma in their lives and more than 10% of Canadians report regular feelings of loneliness. Unaddressed trauma can make one more vulnerable to developing mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

Acute Trauma can come from a sudden distressing event that is beyond an individual’s ability to cope, like a divorce, life circumstance change, or death.
Prolonged exposure to one type of trauma like ongoing physical, emotional or sexual abuse, violence and neglect can lead to Chronic Trauma.
Exposure to multiple different traumatic events like bullying, abuse, neglect and violence can lead to Complex Trauma.
Mental Health in 2023

of Canadians have reported symptoms of moderate to severe depression


of Canadians have moderate anxiety and 5% have severe anxiety


have thought about suicide in the past year.

Ketamine has been consistently shown to deliver potent, rapid-acting relief – including for those who’ve tried everything without success.

Ketamine has been proven to be a safe medication trusted by medical professionals for over 50 years. Today it is revolutionizing mental health by providing the possibility of lasting positive outcomes when combined with supportive psychotherapy.

anixiety & depression and ketamine, ketamine infusion therapy

Ketamine Therapy for Anxiety

Persistently negative thought patterns about the self and the world, contribute to the development of anxiety disorders.

Ketamine assisted therapy reduces depression and anxiety symptoms, by stimulating receptors in the brain and boosting neuroplasticity, thereby improving the ability of brain cells to form new connections and modify existing ones. During therapy sessions, individuals can process and work through the root causes of their mental health symptoms in a supportive and therapeutic environment, which can lead to lasting relief and true healing.

Ketamine Therapy for Burnout

Working professionals can experience overload and stress due to the demands of the job. This affects our ability to emotionally regulate and continue to preform at a high level.

Ketamine-assisted Therapy can offer a nervous system reset, allowing participants to quiet the mind and relax the body. This provides a restorative experience to approach life with a fresh perspective. 

anixiety & depression and ketamine, ketamine infusion therapy
anixiety depression and ketamine, ketamine infusion therapy

Ketamine Therapy for AD (Adjustment Disorder)

Adjustment disorders are excessive reactions to stress that involve negative thoughts, strong emotions and changes in behaviour.

Life happens and unexpected events can affect our emotional health. The Ketamine-assisted Therapy experience can help foster resiliency building and provide a nervous system reset allowing the participant a new perspective on their circumstances.

Ketamine Therapy for Depression

The stressed brain affects emotional regulation and stress response function, contributing to the development of depression.

Ketamine is found to have rapid antidepressant effects – rapidly reducing suicidal thoughts 4-24 hours after a single infusion in individuals at high risk. During therapy sessions, individuals can process and work through the root causes of their depression in a supportive and therapeutic environment, which can lead to lasting relief from symptoms.

depression and ketamine, ketamine infusion therapy
The power of psychedelic medicine combined with world-class therapeutic support

Why choose Odyssey for Ketamine Therapy?

The Odyssey is our personalized and medically directed approach to Ketamine Assisted Therapy.

Intramuscular Ketamine treatments are more effective than nasal spray or lozenge alternatives.
Treatments delivered in our serene space by medical professionals ensure you have the optimal set & setting for an insightful experience.
Through our preOdyssey protocol, we activate your parasympathetic nervous system to promote feelings of safety and relaxation immediately prior to your ketamine session.
Preparation and Integration session with trained psychedelic counsellors are available online at your convenience.
Participants receive lifetime access to Odyssey Online, a wellness resource library with therapeutic content and other healing modalities like breathwork.

Request information about Odyssey.

Your path to long-term healing begins with knowledge.
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