Meet your Care Team

Dr. Anita Sanan, Medical Director, EntheoMed Ketamine Suite

Dr. Anita Sanan

Ketamine Medical Director

Dr. Anita Sanan is a board-certified Anesthesiologist practicing since 2010 whose taken on many administrative and leadership roles within her department at the Kelowna General Hospital. She is actively involved in academics as a clinical faculty member at the University of British Columbia, teaching both medical students and residents.

Dr. Francois Louw, Co-founder + Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Francois Louw

Co-Founder & Treating Physician

Dr. Louw is a founding member and treating physician at the Bill Nelems Pain and Research Centre, the biggest comprehensive pain clinic in Canada with 20K+ patient visits a year. Dr Francois Louw is triple certified in GP anesthesia, ER medicine and Pain Medicine, as well as a Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC.

Dr. Michael Ocana


Dr. Michael Ocana is a psychiatrist with specialized training in developmental neuroscience and trauma focussed psychotherapy, with certifications in Somatic Experiencing Therapy and Psychedelic Associated Psychotherapy.

Odyssey participants benefit from Dr Ocana’s expertise in multiple forms of psychotherapy, including Internal Family Systems, CBT, IPT, and the Comprehensive Resource Method. 

Dr. Ocana has 20 years of experience in inpatient and emergency psychiatry at Kelowna General Hospital where he was Medical Director of the Kelowna Adolescent Inpatient Unit for 15 years. 

He is an associate professor at the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine, where he supervises resident trainees in psychotherapy and provides mentorship to medical students.

He enjoys hiking with friends and travelling with his family.

Dr. Zach Walsh, PhD, Principal Investigator

Dr. Zach Walsh, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychologist, Research Affiliate with the BC Centre on Substance Use, and a Professor of Psychology at UBC, where he directs the Therapeutic, Recreational, and Problematic Substance Use lab and the Problematic Substance Use clinic. Member MAPS Canada Advisory Board and a member of the International Research Society on Psychedelics.

Dr. Elena Kwon


Dr. Elena Kwon works in the department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine at Edmonton Clinic Health Academy.

Meet the Team | Brittany Skusek, Head of Community

Brittany Skusek

Nurse & Integration Specialist

Brittany Skusek is a Registered Nurse, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher with over 10 years of experience in acute care nursing. She has studied around the world in various forms of holistic healing therapies, and her passion lies in weaving the science and western medical approaches, with alternative therapies to help people navigate through life with more ease, grace and love.

How Odyssey Helped Others

Anonymous reviews to protect the identity of our participants. Learn more about how Odyssey dramatically reduced depression scores of a recent cohort for an extended period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ketamine-assisted therapy (KAT) combines the use of ketamine with psychotherapy as a treatment for mental health and chronic pain. Ketamine is proven to be a safe medication, used in hospital settings since 1970. Studies for its novel application for depression began in 2000 and is supported by a rapidly growing body of evidence.

Ketamine is not a magic pill that can solve any problem – but the insights the experience allows can catalyze lasting positive change, deep healing and transformation – with the support of psychotherapy and holistic lifestyle shifts.

Yes, ketamine was originally approved as an anesthetic by the FDA in 1970. It’s known for its safety profile, especially because it doesn’t suppress breathing like other anesthetics. While it has anesthetic properties, it’s used in much lower doses in the context of KAT, aiming for its psychoactive and transformative effects.

During the assessment phase, members of the medical team will evaluate your needs to determine if KAT is the right fit for you. In general, those seeking relief from conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD might benefit, but each individual’s needs and history are considered.

Odyssey’s approach to KAT is a comprehensive, multi-phase experience. It begins with a thorough assessment, followed by a preparation phase, personalized counseling, and integration guidance. This holistic approach ensures patients not only undergo the ketamine session but are well-prepared beforehand and receive ample support afterward. Their program emphasizes setting clear intentions and integrating the insights from the sessions into daily life.

Preparation is a key part of the Odyssey experience. In the Preparation phase you’ll meet one-on-one with a therapist or counselor. This session will help you explore your personal history, current needs, and set a clear intention for the experience. Reflecting on what you want to achieve and discussing potential goals is crucial.

During a session, you’ll be administered a dose of intramuscular (IM) ketamine in a comfortable setting with eye-covering, blanket, and music. A non-ordinary state of consciousness will ensue, when you may experience altered perceptions, revisit memories, or have introspective insights. You are in a safe, controlled environment with medical professionals to guide and monitor you.

Post-session support is a vital part of the Odyssey experience. A day or so after your treatment, you have a post-dose counseling session to review the insights and emotions that came up. Your counselor will guide you through the key parts of your insights and help you apply your learnings to your daily life. Additionally, you’ll visit your Odyssey Online portal to receive guidance on how you can use Mind + Body Integration practices to discuss and process what you experienced.

This is the time to understand and assimilate the insights and emotions from the session, ensuring they contribute positively to your ongoing life journey. The emphasis is on taking concrete actions that resonate with the insights you gained, promoting lasting change.

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