ketamine infusion therapy

Revitalize your wellness and vitality with tailored nutrient therapy – coming soon to EntheoMed Kelowna.

Whether you’re constantly on the go, looking to enhance your overall well-being or need a boost to combat stress, the EnFusion IV Treatment can help revitalize your body & fortify your immune system.
ketamine infusion therapy

Cutting edge cellular nourishment.

We do IV therapy differently to give your body with the critical nutrients needed for optimal function and long-lasting vitality.

Our Signature Recipe, EnFusion, includes a unique blend of 16 powerful ingredients specifically chosen for their efficacy, backed by data and research.

  • NAD+: Boosts cellular energy production, alleviates chronic fatigue, and improves mental clarity.
  • Glutathione: Acts as a powerful antioxidant, aiding in detoxification, inflammation reduction, and immune support.
  • Vitamin C: Enhances immune function and promotes skin health.
  • B Complex Vitamins: Increase energy levels and help the body cope with stress.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: Provides neuroprotective benefits, reduces inflammation, and supports cognitive health.
  • + 7 more ingredients in support of your well-being

Unlike traditional IV/IM ingredients, which include standard vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, EnFusion offers a superior formulation for holistic well-being.

Enhanced treatment experiences.

Enjoy a luxurious IV treatment experience unlike any other.

  • Detoxing, antioxidant, digestion boosting, energy boosting Chlorophyll-infused water upon arrival
  • Private room so you can focus on your well-being. No small talk necessary.
  • EntheoFusion signature recipe IV treatment
  • Access to NuCalm during treatment: music scientifically designed to lower stress, sharpen focus, reduce anxiety and improve sleep.
  • Apollo Neuro bracelet during treatment: touch therapy wearable created by neuroscientists providing soothing vibrations that reduce stress and improve focus.
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Enjoy a delicious coffee after your treatment.

This is how EnFusion can help.

ketamine infusion therapy

Enhanced Energy and Vitality

NAD+ boosts cellular energy production alleviating chronic fatigue, vitamins that increase energy levels and red blood cell formation.

ketamine infusion therapy

Antioxidant and Immune Support

Glutathione for immunity and antioxidant benefits, vitamins that strengthen the immune system, reduce infection duration, provide a protective shield against stress.

ketamine infusion therapy

Cognitive Function & Clarity

NAD+ to enhance mental clarity and mood, Alpha Lipoic Acid to improve memory, reverse cognitive dysfunction, and protect the brain, vitamins for cognitive health.

ketamine infusion


Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin A for anti-inflammation and pain relief.

Skin Health & Radiance

Vitamins that promote skin radiance, skin health and immune function.

Bone, Heart & Overall Wellness

Vitamins for calcium absorption, bone, heart, respiratory health, cell building.