Finally feel better.

Our integrated wellness services help you step into your true self –  free from the symptoms holding you back.

Thrive in your physical and mental health.

Fatigue, low energy, trouble focusing.
Relentless pain and discomfort.
Low tolerance for stress, easily overwhelmed.
Self doubting inner voice.

Without change, these symptoms trap you into a cycle of persistent struggle, making it feel impossible to live a fulfilling life or achieve your true potential.

No more symptom masking. We work with root cause healing.

At EntheoMed, we offer innovative mind + body treatments for long term relief. Get to know our offerings below.

Feeling stuck, anxious, burnt out?

Odyssey Therapeutic Experiences

Finally feel better. Odyssey Therapeutic Experiences combine perspective shifting medicine, intention and integration counselling, and guidance in developing a restorative lifestyle practice to help you:

🌱  Recognize your entrenched and unhelpful misbeliefs, thought and behaviour patterns

🌱  Gain self compassion and understanding for why you developed these patterns

🌱  Achieve the neural flexibility necessary to create new, more helpful thought and behaviour patterns

🌱  Escape from fight or flight and sustain the restful inner environment required for long term well-being

Referral is needed.

ketamine infusion therapy

Tired of living with constant pain?

Chronic Pain Treatments

Live normally again. Our innovative Chronic Pain Treatments are selected to eliminate your discomfort and regain control over your life. Our approach combines cutting-edge therapies with personalized care to help you:

🌱 Finally have a clear mind undisturbed by persistent pain

🌱 Build a practice of supportive activities to prolong your relief

🌱 Alleviate chronic pain through targeted, minimally invasive therapies like prolotherapy, PRP, lidocaine, and Botox for migraines

Referral is needed for certain treatments.

EnFusion IV Treatments

Rejuvenate and revitalize. EnFusion IV Treatments feature a unique blend of 16 powerful ingredients to ensure you feel your best:

🌱 Experience mental clarity, enhanced energy levels, a boosted immune system, brain health, skin health and more with our blend of NAD+, B Complex Vitamins, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamins C, D3, A and more.

🌱 Enjoy quiet time and relax in the comfort and luxury of a private room.

🌱 Each treatment comes with additional soothing amenities like chlorophyll water, red light therapy, scientifically proven meditative frequencies and vibration therapy.

Treat yourself to a power-up with a replenishing EnFusion IV Treatment.

No referral needed.


Unlock your body’s potential. Our Kinesiology services are designed to optimize your movements and support your overall wellness. Through targeted exercises and rehabilitation, we help you:

🌱 Decrease pain and discomfort, allowing you to move freely.

🌱 Strengthen your body pre and post-operation to ensure better recovery.

🌱 Enhance your general strength and conditioning for everyday activities.

🌱 Recover from sports injuries with specialized rehabilitation techniques.

Embrace a pain-free, active lifestyle with our expert kinesiology treatments. No referral needed.

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