Optimize your body’s movements.

Enhance your well-being with targeted exercises and rehab.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, aiming to boost your physical strength, or seeking relief from chronic pain, Kinesiology can help optimize your body’s movements and enhance your overall well-being.

Meet your Kinesiologist, Emilee Dawson.

Emilee Dawson helps you move and overcome pain by tapping into your body’s natural desire for action and progression.

BA in Human Kinetics, a diploma in Massage Therapy, and certifications in FMT, Athletic Taping, and First Responder Certifications.

This is how Kinesiology can help.

Pain Relief

Decreases your pain by addressing the root cause through specialized movement strategies.

Support Pre & Post Operation

Improves strength by heightening muscle function and accelerating recovery.

Strength & Conditioning

Enhances general strength and conditioning with tailored exercise programs for optimal performance.

Sports Rehabilitation

Sports injury rehabilitation to get you back in the game with customized recovery plans and targeted exercises.