You are your own healer. We are just the guide.

Odyssey is a holistic approach to ketamine therapy to help you thrive in life. The perspective-shifting experience of ketamine is combined with personalized counselling and other healing practices.

The result? A return to your true self – the real you, underneath the symptoms holding you back. Odyssey is a springboard to lasting well-being, always grounded in science and data.

The Springboard to Transform Your Life

During your Odyssey, you will receive:

  • Health assessment with medical experts to ensure safety
  • A preparation counselling session before your experience to help you prepare and set your intention.
  • For the experience, you will receive Intramuscular Ketamine with specialized medical supervision from doctors, nurses and facilitators to create a feeling of safety and offer guidance when needed.
  • Post-experience counselling session to help integrate the experience and reflect on insights.
  • Lifetime access to Odyssey Online, offering convenient connection to education and integration modalities like breathwork, mindfulness and yoga.

Continued Guidance

Odyssey Online is an easy and private way to access expert ketamine therapy education videos, preparation and integration practices. Dive into these resources through your online companion at your convenience.

“Odyssey has given me the gift of life again. It was so refreshing to feel symptom relief after the treatment and now my anxiety is manageable. I want everyone who’s struggling to get the help I have from Ketamine therapy.” – Patient RT

It’s time to return to yourself.

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“Odyssey Online made it easy to prepare for my ketamine treatment session. The guidance on healing practices helped me integrate my learnings into my normal life.”

Tap into what you’re capable of and shift how you perceive your day-to-day reality

Odyssey is for those who experience mental and/or emotional health conditions like burnout from work, chronic stress, anxiety and depression. Odyssey supports you by providing a nervous system reset through a personalized psychedelic treatment plan, and the guidance you need.

Depression, Burnout & Anxiety

Ketamine therapy can restore proper function in brain regions involved in emotion regulation and stimulate new neural connections.

Trauma & PTSD

This helps us to break free of limiting emotional and thought patterns, can alter the brain’s response to traumatic memories, and significantly reduce symptoms.

Chronic Pain

Ketamine therapy temporarily blocks pain receptors, can promote healing of damaged nerves, and can alter one’s psychological relationship to one’s pain.

The power of psychedelic medicine combined with world-class therapeutic support

Why choose Odyssey for Ketamine Therapy?

Odyssey is our personalized, science backed, medically directed approach to Ketamine Assisted Therapy.

Intramuscular Ketamine treatments are more effective than nasal spray or lozenge alternatives.
Treatments delivered in our serene space by medical professionals ensure you have the optimal set & setting for an insightful experience.
Convenient online prep and post medicine session integration therapy with trained psychedelic counsellors.
Participants receive lifetime access to Odyssey Online, a wellness resource library with therapeutic content and other healing modalities like breathwork.

Receive info about Odyssey.

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