Reclaim your wellbeing.

Achieve transformation beyond mental health challenges and chronic pain with Odyssey Ketamine Therapy and more innovative treatments.

Healing emotionally and physically is a real possibility.

Repeating unhelpful thoughts and behaviours? Overwhelming symptoms that disrupt your life? Frustrated because you know there’s so much more to you than this?

It takes courage to want to get to the root cause and heal.

Odyssey Therapeutic Ketamine Experiences help you break free from depression, anxiety, PTSD, burnout, Trauma and find real symptom relief.

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The feeling of freedom.

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Rapid Relief

Therapeutic Ketamine Experiences have antidepressant effects within hours. SSRIs take weeks.

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Therapeutic Support

Comprehensive preparatory and integration counselling for optimal benefits from treatment.

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Integrative Approach

Focusing on the whole person for complete and lasting wellness, not just symptom masking.

Get to the root of depression and anxiety.

50% of Odyssey clients no longer have moderate to severe depression at the 3 month follow up.

43% are no longer depressed at the 3 month follow up – as measured from our case study data on of PHQ-9 depression score results.

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largest reduction in anxiety after one treatment


largest drop in depression after one treatment

Hundreds experiencing mental health relief with fewer set backs and lasting change.

How would it feel to step into a lighter state of being? Our minds are capable of changing. Odyssey is the catalyst to let go of unhelpful patterns, making space for healthier ones. Our integrative, whole person approach addresses the root cause and transcends symptom management, for lasting mental health improvements.

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4 steps of your Odyssey.

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ketamine clinic, ketamine for depression


Undergo your Ketamine Therapy Intake with health consultations to see if Odyssey is a safe choice for you.

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Be guided with resources, preparation counselling and intention setting to fully engage with the experience.

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Attend your Therapeutic Ketamine Experience, gaining perspective shifts in a safe and serene setting.

psychedelic integration, psychedelic therapy


With help of integrative counselling and practices, incorporate insights and changes into your daily life.

A health approach that addresses the whole person – not just individual symptoms.

From Odyssey Ketamine Therapy and Chronic Pain Treatments to EnFusion IV Treatments, Vitamin IM Injections, Kinesiology, and Mind + Body Integration Sessions like yoga and breathwork, our holistic approach ensures you receive personalized care for lasting health improvements.

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There’s hope for you to thrive.

Ketamine’s unique properties create distance from the mind and body, allowing separation from emotional pain. New insights and greater self compassion form, for healthier patterns and better mental health.

Antidepressant effects just 24-48h post treatment
Repairs damaged synapses for psychological healing
Enhances brain’s ability to change for new patterns

Learn more about ketamine from our Medical Director.