The feeling of freedom.

Discover your joy and natural state of wellbeing with Odyssey Ketamine-assisted Therapy and more innovative treatments.

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You have the power to change and live your best life.

Shed unhelpful thought and behaviour patterns that disrupt your ability to experience how life is supposed to be with Odyssey, an innovative Ketamine Therapy experience proven to improve mental and emotional health.

Hundreds seeing relief from mental health challenges.

How would it feel to step into a lighter state of being – and make it your everyday? Odyssey is the catalyst proven to reduce depression and other mental health challenges. Physical and emotional patterns which have felt dysfunctional can shift.

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Get to the root of depression and anxiety.

How would it feel to melt the freeze state that keeps you stuck and slows your progress? Our minds can learn to be better equipped to handle moments of stress and anxiety. Odyssey Experiences with Ketamine Therapy can help people to deepen their connection to themselves and find relief from mental health challenges.

The Springboard to Transform Your Life

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ketamine therapy, mental health treatment, depression treatment

Kelowna’s Integrated Wellness Centre

The EntheoMed Kelowna clinic is a wellness space for mental / emotional health and chronic pain, providing Ketamine-assisted Therapy and innovative pain treatments like PRP. We also host live Mind + Body Classes to help people regulate their nervous system, reduce stress and offer real tools to help heal and understand the connection between mental health and pain. Odyssey is also offered at Kinetix in Vancouver.

Experience relief and regulate your nervous system.

Rapid Mental Health Relief

Ketamine’s antidepressant and anti anxiety effects happen within hours, compared to standard SSRIs which take 4-6 weeks to take effect.

Intramuscular Treatments

Therapeutic treatments of IM ketamine to create a more transformational experience – compared to intranasal / oral forms and their lower doses.

Counselling & Integration

Participants receive comprehensive preparatory and post-experience counselling as well as mind-body integration support for lasting change.

Step into self discovery with an Odyssey Ketamine-assisted Therapy Experience

Pre & post counselling sessions to help prepare for and integrate the experience

Intramuscular (IM) Ketamine treatment with medical supervision

Access to Odyssey Online resources and other healing modalities like breathwork

Mind + Body integration support

Find The Peace You’ve Been Seeking

Learn more about how Odyssey has supported people to defeat negative thoughts and behaviours.

depression and ketamine

Odyssey is a holistic model of psychedelic-assisted therapy for anxiety, depression, trauma, and chronic pain. Developed by experts at the forefront of psychedelic science for mental health, we aim to unlock peace and potential in every individual.

Live Yoga, Breathwork and Sound Healing Sessions.

Join us for integrated wellness experiences, in class or online.

These restful and restorative classes are perfect as part of a holistic lifestyle practice, and as regular Integration practices that increase the benefits of Odyssey / Ketamine-assisted Therapy for your long term healing. Offering sessions in person and online.

You do not need a referral from your MD to join in Odyssey Mind + Body sessions.

Innovative treatments for Chronic Pain.

1 in 4 Canadians live with chronic pain.

Our pain relief clinic offers state of the art therapies from PRP and Prolotherapy to Lidocaine under the skilled guidance of Dr. Francois Louw and team. These highly effective pain treatments bring relief and go to the root cause providing beneficial change.