Ketamine Assisted Therapy helps your patients achieve beneficial lasting change.

Odyssey is EntheoTech’s holistic approach to psychedelic-assisted therapy. Sign up to receive a comprehensive info pack for doctors curious about this innovative new treatment for mental health and chronic pain.


Ketamine is a Health Canada-approved anesthetic that provides an innovative solution for treating chronic pain and several mental health conditions.

Chart shows a significant drop in PHQ9 scores at approximately 3-months post treatment.

Odyssey is proven to result in a major drop in depression scores.

Given that most patients relapse following ketamine treatment within 2-4 weeks, this data suggests that our Odyssey KAT framework can significantly extend symptom reductions for some patients, effects largest in patients with medium severity (PHQ9=12-18) baseline.

Odyssey is a holistic approach to psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Our method ensures patients undergoing intramuscular Ketamine treatments are given ample support with pre and post medicine session counselling, as well as resources and coaching on mind-body tools that maintain and encourage wellness.

Who is Odyssey for?

Odyssey can help your patients who’ve been struggling with persistent mental
health conditions finally achieve lasting beneficial relief.

ketamine infusion therapy
Depression & Anxiety

Ketamine’s antidepressant and anti anxiety effects happen within hours, compared to standard SSRIs which take 4-6 weeks to take effect.


Ketamine can provide rapid relief from the symptoms of PTSD and OCD by creating new pathways in the brain and altering neurotransmitter levels.

ketamine infusion therapy
Chronic Pain

Chronic pain and mental health are interlinked. Ketamine can help those with chronic pain through perspective shifts and reduced pain sensitivity.