“The Odyssey Online portal made it easy to prepare for my ketamine treatment session. The provided guidance on practices for after medicine sessions helped me integrate my learnings into my normal life.”

What is Odyssey?

Odyssey™ is a holistic and personalized approach to ketamine therapy. It involves psychedelics doses of intramuscular ketamine, administered by our medical team. Our therapy team supports these sessions with targeted integration counselling, “combined with additional healing modalities such as breathwork, somatic techniques and mindfulness practices.

Packages start at $1399 *terms and conditions apply

Expertly Administered

You will receive a health & safety assessments from 2 different specialized physicians prior to admission. Each dose of intramuscular Ketamine is given by one of our specialized medical doctors who work with ketamine everyday in our clinic. A team of psychedelic trained consellors will also be with you to help prepare and guide you each step of the way.

You will receive a preparation session with one of our therapists before your medicine and a post integration counselling session with the same therapist.

Continued Guidance

Odyssey Online is an easy and private way to access expert ketamine therapy education videos, preparation and integration practices. Dive into these resources through your online companion at your convenience.

Who is Odyssey for?

Odyssey is for those who struggle with daily life due to pain, trauma, chronic stress or certain mental health conditions. Odyssey supports you providing a personalized psychedelic dosing plan, relevant information and the guidance you need

Depression & Anxiety

Ketamine therapy can restore proper function in brain regions involved in emotion regulation and stimulate new neural connections.

Mood Disorders & PTSD

This helps us to break free of limiting emotional and thought patterns, can alter the brain’s response to traumatic memories, and significantly reduce symptoms.

Chronic Pain

Ketamine therapy temporarily blocks pain receptors, can promote healing of damaged nerves, and can alter one’s psychological relationship to one’s pain.

The power of psychedelic medicine combined with world-class therapeutic support

Why choose Odyssey for Ketamine Therapy?

The Odyssey is our personalized, science backed, medically directed approach to Ketamine Assisted Therapy.

Intramuscular Ketamine treatments are more effective than nasal spray or lozenge alternatives.
Treatments delivered in our serene space by medical professionals ensure you have the optimal set & setting for an insightful experience.
Through our para-theta protocol, we activate your parasympathetic nervous system to promote feelings of safety and relaxation immediately prior to your ketamine session. This produces a brain and mental state that is most conducive for a successful and smooth journey.
Convenient online Prep and Post integration therapy with Trained Psychedelic Therapists.
Clients Receive free online wellness resource library with updated weekly wellness courses.

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