People who’ve struggled with anxiety & depression for years are finally experiencing rapid relief after our treatment.

Now at Kinetix Vancouver.

Odyssey is proven to lower patients’ depression scores through therapeutic ketamine, counselling and integration.

Chart shows a sustained, significant drop in depression scores at approximately 3-months post treatment.

The majority of Odyssey participants experience an extended major drop in depression scores.

Given that most patients relapse following ketamine treatment within 2-4 weeks, this data suggests that our Odyssey KAT framework can significantly extend symptom reductions for some patients, effects largest in patients with medium severity (PHQ9=12-18) baseline.

Odyssey Ketamine-assisted Therapy is now in Vancouver.

We partnered with Kinetix Medicine to provide KAT as an innovative treatment for individuals with anxiety, depression, trauma and chronic pain in Vancouver.

What makes Odyssey different?

Rapid Mental Health Relief

Ketamine’s antidepressant and anti anxiety effects happen within hours, compared to standard SSRIs which take 4-6 weeks to take effect.

Therapeutic Intramuscular Treatments

We administer therapeutic treatments of IM ketamine to create a more transformational experience – compared to intranasal / oral forms and their lower doses.

Counselling & Integration

Participants receive comprehensive preparatory and post-medicine counselling as well as mind-body integration support for lasting change.

The Odyssey Process

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Odyssey Checklist:

Pre & Post Counselling Sessions

Intramuscular (IM) Ketamine Treatments

Access to Odyssey Online Resources

Mind + Body Integration Support

How Odyssey Helped Others

Anonymous reviews to protect the identity of our participants. Learn more about how Odyssey dramatically reduced depression scores of a recent cohort for an extended period.

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Odyssey is a holistic model of psychedelic-assisted therapy for anxiety, depression, trauma, and chronic pain. Developed by experts at the forefront of psychedelic science for mental health, we aim to unlock peace and potential in every individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ketamine-assisted therapy (KAT) combines the use of ketamine with psychotherapy as a treatment for mental health and chronic pain. Ketamine is proven to be a safe medication, used in hospital settings since 1970. Studies for its novel application for depression began in 2000 and is supported by a rapidly growing body of evidence.

Ketamine is not a magic pill that can solve any problem – but the insights the experience allows can catalyze lasting positive change, deep healing and transformation – with the support of psychotherapy and holistic lifestyle shifts.

Yes, ketamine was originally approved as an anesthetic by the FDA in 1970. It’s known for its safety profile, especially because it doesn’t suppress breathing like other anesthetics. While it has anesthetic properties, it’s used in much lower doses in the context of KAT, aiming for its psychoactive and transformative effects.

Ketamine boosts neuroplasticity, especially in the prefrontal cortex, a vital area for regulating emotions and attention. This enhances the brain’s ability to form new positive connections and break away from negative thought loops.

This varies for each individual. Some might benefit from a single session, while others might undergo multiple sessions. It’s a personal journey, and the number of sessions will depend on your unique needs and therapeutic goals.

SSRIs target the serotonin system in the brain and usually take a few weeks to show effects. Ketamine, on the other hand, targets the glutamate system, resulting in immediate effects often within hours. Ketamine offers a unique psychological experience which can provide deeper insights and healing.

During the assessment phase, members of the medical team will evaluate your needs to determine if KAT is the right fit for you. In general, those seeking relief from conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD might benefit, but each individual’s needs and history are considered.

Odyssey’s approach to KAT is a comprehensive, multi-phase experience. It begins with a thorough assessment, followed by a preparation phase, personalized counseling, and integration guidance. This holistic approach ensures patients not only undergo the ketamine session but are well-prepared beforehand and receive ample support afterward. Their program emphasizes setting clear intentions and integrating the insights from the sessions into daily life.

Preparation is a key part of the Odyssey experience. In the Preparation phase you’ll meet one-on-one with a therapist or counselor. This session will help you explore your personal history, current needs, and set a clear intention for the experience. Reflecting on what you want to achieve and discussing potential goals is crucial.

During a session, you’ll be administered a dose of intramuscular (IM) ketamine in a comfortable setting with eye-covering, blanket, and music. A non-ordinary state of consciousness will ensue, when you may experience altered perceptions, revisit memories, or have introspective insights. You are in a safe, controlled environment with medical professionals to guide and monitor you.

Post-session support is a vital part of the Odyssey experience. A day or so after your treatment, you have a post-dose counseling session to review the insights and emotions that came up. Your counselor will guide you through the key parts of your insights and help you apply your learnings to your daily life. Additionally, you’ll visit your Odyssey Online portal to receive guidance on how you can use Mind + Body Integration practices to discuss and process what you experienced.

This is the time to understand and assimilate the insights and emotions from the session, ensuring they contribute positively to your ongoing life journey. The emphasis is on taking concrete actions that resonate with the insights you gained, promoting lasting change.

Integration is the process of reflecting on and incorporating insights gained from a ketamine session into your everyday life. While ketamine boosts neuroplasticity, making lasting change requires effort and action. It’s vital to take positive steps after your session to ensure the benefits are long-lasting.